IRS Authorized e-File Provider

Embedded Tax Filing

End-to-end federal and state tax filing, all within your product. Use Column Tax’s APIs to offer the most efficient, accurate and transparent tax filing product to your users.

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Easy data ingest

Create the fastest, simplest & most accurate tax filing experience by automatically importing user data from your product.

How it works

Our custom built tax engine

Our custom built tax engine powers the Column Tax experience. This includes tax logic for calculations for both federal and state income tax filing across income, credits, deductions and adjustments. Our direct integrations with the IRS and state filing agencies make it possible for us to handle tax calculations end-to-end: from collecting the right inputs all the way to the correct, IRS formatted outputs.

Embedded in your product

Column Tax’s custom SDK plugs directly into your product ensuring your users don’t have to click out or download an app in order to file their taxes with you.

Maximum Refund and Accuracy Guaranteed

We guarantee the best possible return for your users. With our Maximum Refund Guarantee, If your users receive a larger refund or a smaller tax payment due from a different tax product, we will match the best offer. With our Accuracy Guarantee, if your user receives a penalty due to a Column Tax calculation error, we promise to pay the penalty. 

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