Tax Filing

Embed next generation income tax filing, native in your app

The next generation of income tax filing

Column Tax

Built API first

Modern software to revolutionize the way taxes are computed

File in a couple clicks

Embedded tax services means less form filling each year.

Fair, affordable products

Structurally lower cost enables powerful products at air prices

Maximize refunds

Ensure all users receive their maximum refund, each year

Engagement post file

Help your users beyond April with the power of an accountant

Product overview


Data ingest

Structured to streamline tax filing from the start. Enable ingest via APIs, document uploads & user input.

Tax Engine

The Column Tax engine accurately computes tax liability, deductions & credits based on the latest IRS publications.

Return Submission

The Column Tax API manages the e-File process end to end for both federal and state income tax returns. 


Increase deposits

Streamline product experiences to capture tax refund deposits (average $2,900 in size) for your users

Decrease churn

Add amazing, personalized product experiences in your app with the Column Tax API and just a few lines of code

Best in class security

Bank-grade encryption and the highest compliance standards mean user data is always secure.

Delightful experience

Easily give your users a best in class tax filing experience without ever leaving your app

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