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Embed tax experiences directly into your product

Column Tax's APIs give your users personalized, secure, and powerful income tax experiences.

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Why Column Tax?

Supercharge your app with tax products

Best in class tax filing

Use Column Tax’s APIs to offer the most efficient, accurate and transparent tax filing product to your users.

Refunds and payments synced with direct deposit accounts

Create a seamless experience where users can easily deposit their refunds or make tax payments directly from your product’s accounts.

Products that are safe and secure

Bank-grade encryption and the highest compliance standards mean user data is always secure.

Our technology

The Column Tax engine

Our custom built tax engine powers the Column Tax experience. This includes tax logic for calculations for both federal and state income tax filing. Our direct integrations with the IRS and state filing agencies make it possible for us to handle tax calculations end-to-end: from collecting the right inputs all the way to verified, IRS formatted outputs.


73% of Americans report that they rely financially on their tax refund. Column Tax helps its partners democratize access to these funds & provides users with year-round financial help.

How it works

An easy tax filing experience

Data ingest

Seamlessly import personal information and upload PDFs or images without inputting manually.

Guided experience

Users fill out questionnaire with guidance from Column Tax with no catch or surprise.

Guarantees, guaranteed

Offer each of your users a maximum refund and accuracy guarantee when filing.

Easy-to-use APIs

Built for developers

Batteries-included SDKs for a beautiful user experience and APIs that are easy to understand and implement. With just a few lines of code, you can implement Column Tax and offer tax products to your users.


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