Powering the future of tax products.

Column Tax enables mobile banks and Fintech companies to offer top tier tax features to their end users.

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Column Tax - Powering the future of tax services
Column Tax - Best in class tax services

Best in class tax features

Column Tax makes it possible to embed the power of an accountant in every American's pocket.

We give our partners a lever to increase deposits & decrease account churn via an API that offers year-round tax features, native in their app.

How it works


Connect your app to Column Tax

Integrate the Column APIĀ into your existing mobile finance app.

Onboard users via the Column module

Users onboard to Column by answering questions and connecting their payroll account.

Unlock tax refunds & offer tax monitoring

Column unlocks cashflow from the user's tax refund year-round.

Our Manifesto

61% of Americans don't have enough in savings to cover a $1,000 emergency. Column Tax gives people access to their refund year-round to grow savings & meet critical needs.

Built for developers.

Batteries-included SDKs for a beautiful user experience and APIs that are easy to understand and implement.

Column Tax - Built for developers

Why Column

Unlock tax refunds

82% of Americans making <$80k rely financially on their tax refund. Column Tax gives access to this money all year.

Deliver peace of mind

89% of Americans are concerned about making mistakes on their income taxes. Help give peace of mind to your users.

Best in class security

Bank-grade encryption and the highest compliance standards mean user data is always secure.

Increase direct deposits

The average Tax Refund in the U.S. is $2,893. That means up to $240 in additional deposits each month.

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