All-in-one income tax products

APIs to easily give your users personalized, secure & powerful income tax product experiences.

Column Tax - Powering the future of tax services
Announcing our $5.1m seed round to build the future of personal income tax APIs


We help you increase deposits & engagement with embedded, year-round income tax products

How it works


Connect your app to Column Tax

Integrate the Column API to your existing app with just a few lines of code

Onboard users via the Column module

Column’s range of SDKs and embedded tools can be completely customized

Offer ongoing, year-round tax products

Help your users with powerful income tax products year-round

Our Mission

73% of Americans report that they rely financially on their tax refund. Column Tax helps it’s partners democratizes access to these funds & provides users with year-round financial help.

Built for developers.

Batteries-included SDKs for a beautiful user experience and APIs that are easy to understand and implement.

Column Tax - Built for developers

Why Column

Increase deposits

Streamline product experiences to capture tax refund deposits (average $2,900 in size) for your users

Decrease churn

Add amazing, personalized product experiences in your app with the Column Tax API and just a few lines of code

Best in class security

Bank-grade encryption and the highest compliance standards mean user data is always secure.

Year-round engagement

73% of Americans report relying on their tax refund financially. Give your users access to the funds year-round.

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